Calendar Systems

Our History

From our beginning in 1984, our mission has been to help dealerships build lasting relationships with their customers, recognizing that is the key to their existence.

As a dealership, your challenge is that every industry is attempting to build lasting relationships with these customers. The result is the customer feels overwhelmed and annoyed by these attempts via phone, email, junk mail, etc.

Calendar Systems realized that if we put a photo of a customer with their new vehicle on a calendar, the customer would proudly display and use the calendar on a daily basis. The reality is the dealership now has a billboard of their store in every customer’s home or office.

As the world continues to change, the power of the photo increases in value and can be used in various popular formats including Facebook and mobile devices. With one click Calendar Systems puts your dealerships name in front of your customers 365 days a year along with providing great word of mouth advertising to their friends and family.

Our 30 years of existence confirms the power and stability of what we do. We have seen many fads or ideas come and go, financial recessions, and a changing world. With all of this going on, Calendar Systems has been a steady part of the industry, because unlike many fads a person’s photo never goes out of style.

To top it off, the calendar has been in existence for thousands of years.

Why Use a Calendar Program?

Consider these facts from a recent survey;

A calendar is the most used tool in any home or office. 98 percent of all homes and 100% of all businesses use at least one calendar.

  1. Without looking - do you remember the advertisement on the calendar you are now using-at home or at work?
  2. Do you remember the person or business that gave it to you?

99 percent of those surveyed answered yes to both questions.

Why Use Our Photo Calendar System?

When was the last time you threw away a photo? On the average your newspaper ad, newsletter, and or postcard will be read once and thrown away, compared to your Calendar, which will last a minimum of two years (because your customer will be reminded to revisit your dealership at the end of the 2nd year to receive a calendar refill).

A recent survey suggested that the average person will view a calendar at least 5x a day. That means your calendar will be viewed at least 2,000 times per year.

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